As a leader in the manufacture of mechanical screw jacks, with over two million products in the field, we can guarantee quality, reliability, performance and value.
Power Jacks

Power Jacks is a British design and manufacturing company, specializing in electro-mechanical lifting, positioning, and load monitoring equipment. Power Jack brings over a century of engineering experience to the design and manufacture of precision linear actuation, power transmission and mechanical jacking technologies. Power Jack Products are engineered to the highest standards and deployed in a multitude of applications, and supplied numerous anode jacking systems to smelters in the UK, Germany, USA, Iran, New Zealand, UAE and South-Africa.


PJ anode jacking systems for positioning the anode beam are all designed to meet each customer’s specific requirement whether for Pre-Bake or Søderberg technology based smelters. One of the latest developments is the AMT0300 anode jack. This is the cornerstone of the Generation 4 anode beam positioning system. The system is designed to meet the requirements of the latest pot designs, which have seen a significant increase in physical size and performance requirements. Both the new anode jack and its system have successfully completed potline testing and are now delivering impressive results in major potlines. PJ systems are designed and manufactured to deliver at least 30 years